Welcoming New Bloggers!

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

That's right, folks! From this moment on, this blog will feature multiple nerdy writers!

So far, we have three lined up, and I'd like to take this moment to introduce them:

Allisha Tull

Allisha is not afraid to show her love of nerdom! When I asked her if she would be interested in blogging with us, she said, "I just happen to be in the office right now wearing the vest I bought for my Ravenclaw cosplay. What can I say...it works with my outfit." She's a self-proclaimed amateur cosplayer (she has a picture of herself as Nymeria Sands sitting on the Throne that's pretty epic!!), a sci-fi enthusiast, and a member of DC's Nerds of Color!

Tony Adamson

Tony loves video games, anime/manga, and miniature wargaming. When I say "loves", I mean LOVES. He watches a lot of anime and plays a lot of games. If you ask him what his all-time favorite game is, he seriously can't narrow it down! But he says nostalgia plays a major role when he reflects on his top 5 lists: Halo 2, Modern Warfare 1 & 2, Black Ops 2 (apparently, the guy is into sequels!), and Space Marine. When he's not playing video games or watching anime, he plays with his miniature army of murder and is currently in the process of painting them—maybe he'll share a photo some day!

Shawn Robert Mentzer I

Shawn is a role-player and a gamer. Some of his fandoms include BioWare, anything written by Stephen King (I'm right there with you!) or Anne Bishop, and Wizards products. He recently got back into D&D and is hoping to eventually DM (even though he is already part of TWO campaigns at the moment). His newest obsession? Hero Forge (for tabletop minis)! Basically, he's into aesthetics and says "if it looks pretty, I will probably enjoy it".


Warm welcome to these three and here's to an exciting month (and hopefully, beyond) of new posts!

If you think you would make a great addition to our blog team, or would like to do a guest post, please contact me via Facebook!

Stay Nerdy!


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