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A Delicate Betrayal gets a Book Cover Makeover!

What is covered in this week's blog:

  • NEW Cover Reveal: A Delicate Betrayal!

  • Last call for ARC Sign-Ups!

  • Grow your TBR!

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Book Cover Reveal!

This was sort of a last-minute decision, and I hope people don't come at me for it 😅

First, I absolutely LOVED my original cover for A Delicate Betrayal. There was a simpleness to it that just felt so right when I first started writing the story.

But then I introduced dragons...and a dragon book just isn't right without a dragon on the cover.

So I reached out to my fabulous cover designer, Fay Lane, asked her if we could slap a dragon on it, and this is the masterpiece she created! 😍


Last Call: ARCs!

As a reminder: I will be accepting 15 new ARC readers to join my ARC team and receive an e-copy of A Delicate Betrayal for review.

If you're into epic romantic fantasy stories and would like to apply, learn more here!

If you have any questions, please let me know! Otherwise, best of luck!! 💕 I plan to let folks know by the end of the week if they were accepted.


Grow Your TBR!

That's all for now! Happy reading everyone!

~ Jessaca


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