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A Delicate Betrayal: Romantasy Now on Kindle Unlimited!

What is covered in this week's blog:

  • A Delicate Betrayal Update!

  • Grow your TBR!

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A Delicate Betrayal on KU!

Graphic of romantasy book called A Delicate Betrayal. Book cover has a dragon, sword, and flower petals on it.

The day is finally here: A Delicate Betrayal is finally available to read on Kindle Unlimited! 🎉

A marriage to save the kingdom.

A betrayal to leave it in ruin.

A Delicate Betrayal is the first in a new epic fantasy romance (romantasy) series with a sorceress queen, a protective knight, and a quest to slay a dragon. It's full of forbidden love, daring adventures, dark magic, and a helluva twist of an ending, if I do say so myself!

I'm also happy to report that last month I started writing A Reign of Ashes (the sequel/technically the first book in the main series) and the story is CRUISING! I haven't enjoyed writing anything like this since...since so long! And I can't wait to share more with you as the release date approaches!

Until then, get A Delicate Betrayal on Kindle Unlimited—and please remember: reviews are always appreciated! 💕 It's been a busy month full of imposter syndrome, writer's block, and existential dread—yay winter, am I right? 😂 Despite it all, I have some fun things to share! So let's get straight to it, shall we?


Grow Your TBR!

* The following limited-time book fairs were active at the time of publishing this post. However, depending on when you're reading this, they may have expired.

Graphic for the Fantastical Worlds book promo. The background is of a magical realm with dragons. All books are under $2.99.

Happy reading, ~ Jessaca


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