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Author Update: Shadow Crusade, The Awakened, & The Demon In The Mirror

Yikes! Has it really been almost two months since I've poster anything? My apologies! Hopefully, my absence here didn't make people wonder if something had happened to me. I've just been really busy with writing!

But I definitely owe you some updates. Shall we begin?

Primordials of Shadowthorn

I have a new series coming out starting in December called the Primordials of Shadowthorn!

This will be another gothic/dark fantasy series, but this time the heroine will face a Lovecraftian immortal and his army of demons, rather than the reapers my last MC fought in the Reapers of Veltuur. What you can expect from this series is a:

  • Headstrong and reckless female main character

  • Loyal and devoted best friend

  • Demon slayer training

  • Epic world-building

  • Romance

The first book, Shadow Crusade, had it's cover reveal last week and will release on December 29th.

The Awakened

It's been a while since I've talked about this series, but rest assured, that's not because I'm letting it die.

I had been working on The Awakened for 7 years by the time I published the second book, and in the meantime, I'd had all these book ideas that were eating at me and screaming for attention! I had to take a break from The Awakened so that some of the other books could be brought to life.

Once I finish the Primordials of Shadowthorn series, my next project will be to start working on book 3 of The Awakened, Nightmares Rise.

I still haven't decided if I will plunge into finishing the series, or if I'll work on the third book and then jump to something else for a little while, but at the bare minimum, I plan on releasing one of these books year until the series is complete (it's only four books long).

Academy of the Forsaken

Another book I get asked about all the time is The Demon In The Mirror.

Readers are always telling me how they can't wait for the next book. I'll be honest, I never intended for this book to become a series lol But, I love seeing how much people connected with Eureka's story, and I had a lot of fun writing it, so I've decided to turn it into a series.

That being said, it's taking me some time to figure out "how". I don't want this to become some Harry Potter rip-off. I also don't want it to be mistaken for a reverse harem story since most academy novels these days are. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is it's a little tricky, but I'm working on it. This will be the next series I work on, after The Awakened.

Interact With Me!

I've said this in a few places already, but just so everyone is on the same page, I have two primary social media pages right now.

I use my Instagram account to talk about books, but I also post my cover reveals, giveaways, releases, etc. there too.

If you're looking for a more personal connection, I also have a Facebook Group where I post sneak peeks of what I'm working on, games, and other updates.


That's it for now! Thanks for your patience as I get these books written, edited, and perfected for your reading pleasure ^_^

Have a wonderful day,



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