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Blog Tour for Blood Awakens

Yesterday marked the final day for the blog tour of Blood Awakens, and oh my goodness, I am absolutely GLOWING!

What's a blog tour, you might be asking? A blog tour is when a handful of bloggers agree to review the same book around the same time. Then, for the length of the tour, they each post their review (or excerpt, author interview, etc.) on a date during that time frame.

This was my first blog tour—organized by the friendly, accommodating, and highly professional: Melanie Fraser with Fraser's Funhouse—and I've got to say, it was such a great experience! It was great getting to work with a variety of bloggers and to see their take on my book.

In case you missed all the action, I've linked all of the bloggers' posts below:

Books, Love, Reader

Gina Rae Mitchell

Servillas Speaks (first chapter review)

Emma's Chapter

B for Book Review (book info)

The Magic of Worlds (author interview)

The Tired Buyer (book info)

Little Tinkable (author interview)

What's in my Wonderland

The Reading Chemist

A Mixed Up Mummy

Zoo Loo Book Diary (author interview)

Like Herding Cats (excerpt)

Forever the Wanderer

Fraser's Funhouse

Thank you again to all those who participated!! I can't wait to work with Melanie and these bloggers again!

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