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Book Updates!

Hello darklings!

Immortal Return

As you know, Immortal Return released last week! Thank you to those of you who preordered your ebooks and who have been reading and reviewing voraciously!

If you're holding out for the paperback, please know that those will be out in a month or two. Because I had to keep pushing this book back, the paperback formatting wasn't available to my cover designer until she was on vacation, so she will work on that when she returns in August!

Once the paperback is ready though, you can also keep your eyes peeled for the special edition copies of Blighted Heart and Immortal Return to match the copy released in the Nerdy Book Box March 2021 box! Even if you didn't get a box, I personally think these books will be worth grabbing!!! They come with matching gold/black/white covers, they'll be signed by yours truly, AND they come with some awesome character art inside the books by ColourAnomaly of Halira, Dimitri, and Ryven!

2021 Release Schedule

After the year I've had and having to reschedule so many book releases because of the obstacles that I've encountered in my personal life, and just knowing what's ahead in terms of my job ending and needing to find a new position and a new place to live, I am choosing to have a looser release schedule for the rest of 2021.

For the time being, the only book I have up on preorder is Blood and Magic Eternal, the first in my upcoming vampire gothic fantasy series. The date is tentatively set for next March I believe, but I wanted to share my hopeful plans for my next releases:

Nightmares Rise (Dec 2021)

I have also started plotting another series that includes a fearless witch, an evil sorceress who left the country in shambles, and an epic quest to restore the land and find oneself in the process. I'm planning to query this book to agents when it's done, so you won't see much about it until then, but I'm really excited about this endeavor and just wanted to share!

I think that's all for now!

Take care! And don't let the darkness consume least not all the way 😉

- Jessaca


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