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Character Art Reveal!

What is covered in this week's blog:

  • Character Art Reveal!

  • ARC Sign-Ups!

  • Grow your TBR!

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Character Art Reveal!

SURPRISE!!! I commissioned some character art from the freakishly-talented @adamskiart for Sinisa and Acari from my Soul of the Crow book and I am SWOONING!

When I was approached to participate in the October Indie Book Crate, I knew I had to do something special for this book's resurrection! I always regretted not getting character art for these characters—who are, to this day, two of my all-time faves—and I couldn't pass up an opportunity to work with Nora!

If you loved Sinisa's darkness and Acari's endearing and bumbling nature as much as I did but missed grabbing one of the very limited Indie Book Crates, fear not! These art prints are up on my website for preorder! I'm hoping to start shipping these out at the end of October.


ARC Sign-Ups!

I am opening my ARC team up to new applicants!

Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) of A Delicate Betrayal will be sent to reviewers in early November. If you would like to receive an e-ARC and post an early review of this epic fantasy romance story, apply to join my ARC team here!

I will be accepting 15 new reviewers this time around! Some of the things I look for is whether applicants have read and reviewed any of my books previously (not required, but preferred); if they haven't read my books, I check their review pages to make sure they read and enjoy books in a similar vein; and just whether we seem like we'll get along!

If you have any questions, please let me know! Otherwise, best of luck!! 💕


Grow Your TBR!

Happy reading!

~ Jessaca


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