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Cover Reveal: Fate of the Vulture

Updated: May 17, 2021

Just when I thought these covers couldn't get any better... Luminescence Cover Designs went ahead and blew my mind! Here it is, folks! The third and final cover for my Reapers of Veltuur series: Fate of the Vulture!

"Epic and heartbreaking, the perfect beginning to what I believe will be a highly anticipated series." -Short and Sweet Reviews

Apart from the cover being unbelievably breathtaking, this is the first series I've completed as an author, making it all the more exciting for me—and hopefully for you as well!

I am prepared to learn A TON from my readers once this book releases, about what you love, what you hate, and how to make my next series, Primordials of Shadowthorn even better! So please do grab your copy of Fate of the Vulture, leave reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub, and Barnes and Nobel, and let me know what you think!!

Take care, and stay tuned for this book's release on October 26th (my kiddo's second birthday)!

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