50 Hours of Anthem Gaemplay—Is It Worth It?

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

How much content is available? How many hours of story is there? Is this game worth my $60? These are a few of the questions I hear people ask about Anthem, and I was right there with them. I trust BioWare and have enjoyed many of their games, but with Anthem being a different beast than their previous titles, I was as cautiously excited as anyone.

Anthem is a live-service looter shooter. The framework alone is different from all other BioWare games. It has a single player campaign mode, but it's nothing compared to any Dragon Age or Mass Effect Andromeda game. It doesn’t even hold a candle to Knights of the Old Republic, but I'm biased in that case. Having to balance-out that ingrained co-op experience means there can't be too many player-driven changes to the story (everyone’s story must line up the same). On the other hand, on the looter side of things, Anthem is missing many features that other looter games already have. A bunch of quality-of-life items should have been available at launch. A full stats page, item inscription should be fully explained, and easy access to tutorials on how to use the combo system should be readily available (a turorial is available in the menu, but nothing visual for those who need an example). Despite these glaring problems (and a few major bugs that got fixed), I'm having a blast playing this game! All the way back when Anthem was first showcased, the movement of the suits and how they traversed the world made me excited! The actual world itself just looks amazing! As of now, I have played through the VIP demo, the public demo, and my full ten hours of early access throughout the week. Today I have finished the story campaign with my character sitting at level 29, and I still want to play tomorrow the second I can be available. There are serious flaws in this game, but they’re easily ignored (at least, by me) because of how well BioWare has nailed the Ironman sensation—I had so much fun flying and fighting, that after 40 hours of playing, I still didn't want to stop. This isn’t true for all games (as much as I like Warframe, flying in it was just not fun for me). And that is really what games are for, aren't they? Fun. I am having fun playing Anthem. This is not a review, but simply my short-hand thoughts on Anthem from my, so far, limited gameplay.

Some people will hate this game for being an EA title with different launch times on different platforms (nobody should do this). For some, the combination of bugs and some design choice's will make it a no-go (like when you die and get knocked down… it is the worst system I can think of besides a blank screen). Decide for yourself if this game is what you want. For me the gameplay is enough. There are plenty of YouTube videos available to see the game in it's full glory (and full of bugs). Also note, BioWare has had tons of communication and response to player feedback. I believe many things will get better over time, but if you’re still sitting on the fence, maybe wait a few months to see how the game progresses.

But if you're willing to take the plunge, Anthem is now available, and, in my opinion, worth checking out!

Until next time, happy gaming!


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