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Happy Release Day!

Today is the day! My first release, maybe over a year and a half!? But it's finally here! 🎉 


Eerie folklore. Haunted forest. Missing Women.

Elowyn lives in the once-quiet town of Thimbleton, where evil lurks in the neighboring woods, preying on young women. Elowyn does her best to steer clear of the forest—that is, until the love of her life, Cecily, is marked for the taking. Elowyn will make it her mission to save Cecily from the darkness that dwells in that forest, but is she ready to face the darkness inside herself?

This sapphic, witchy, spooky novella is full of eerie vibes, religious tension, and feral women seeking revenge. Grab your copy of The Devil in the Woods here, be terrified to enter the forest ever again.

Happy reading 😋

~ Jessaca

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