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Journal Excerpt from Graciela

It's strange the way the world ended. It didn't happen like I thought it would. In every movie, book, or speculation about the undoing of our civilized societies, the world always comes to an abrupt end, driven by some cataclysmic event. But this...

Things happened slowly, more gradual than I expected.

I remember, during those early days, it was just a few people with special abilities. Awakened, we started calling them. And it seemed like, for the most part, society could accept it. They didn't understand it, they were hesitant about it, but life continued as it always had.

But then a few more became Awakened. And a few more. Before we knew it, there were hundreds, thousands of them scattered around the world. Once the numbers rose to almost a quarter of the population, those still in the majority started treating it like a pandemic.

I can understand that they were afraid, but fear breeds hate, and hate is what brought the devastation.

Almost a year had passed since the first Awakened before the wars started. From a distance, we watched the powerhouse nations destroy themselves, demolition unlike any the world had ever known. For months. And months. The countries not officially at war faced civil wars of their own. People killing each other for no reason other than a difference and fear.

We only lost electricity a week ago, a little over two years since everything started. I worry about what will become of us next... But there will be time for worry another day. Now, Santiago is stirring and we must find a way to survive another day.


Graciela Canul Ortiz


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