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One Week Until Release!

What is covered in this week's blog:

  • A Delicate Betrayal Updates!

  • Hardcovers!

  • Grow your TBR!

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A Delicate Betrayal Updates!

We are a week away from release day! 🎉

I don't know if that constitutes an announcement, but I am SO UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED for this book to be out in the world!!!

Aenwyn's story was unlike any other I've written yet. It covers topics of psychologically abusive relationships, toxic family dynamics, infertility, and finding one's place in a world that routinely shows it doesn't care.

But it was as much about Aenwyn's struggles and heartache as it was about her growth and her search for family and love. And dragons, of course 😋

I can't wait for you to read it!

Just a reminder to preorder your copy of A Delicate Betrayal now! Everyone who preorders and submits this form gets some of my bookish preorder goodies (limited time while supplies last including:

👑 Character Art of Aenwyn & Darius by Odile

👑 Bookmark w/ quote from A Delicate Betrayal

👑 "Slay queen" sticker

👑 *Signed bookplate (*for purchases of paperback/hardcover copies)



I also uploaded the final files for my Amazon hardcovers this weekend! It's my first-ever hardcover and I'm SO ANTSY to see these bad boys in person! 🎉

If you've been waiting for a physical book, now's your chance! And remember, you can get the preorder goodies for grabbing a hardcover as well, just be sure to complete the form above!

Also, please note: Amazon has naked hardcovers only. If you'd like a jacket/wrapped hardcover, I'll have more details to come on those soon. 😉


Grow Your TBR!

** The following limited-time book fairs were active at the time of publishing this post. However, depending on when you're reading this, they may have expired.

Happy Reading,

~ Jessaca


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