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Predictions for Game of Thrones Season 8

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

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Will the White Walker’s be defeated? Which of our beloved characters will die this season? Who will claim the Iron Throne?

These are some of the pressing questions that have been haunting Game of a Thrones fans for nearly TWO YEARS NOW! It’s given us plenty of time to gossip over theories and fret about how our favorite epic fantasy television series will end.

All we know for certain is: winter has come and there will be blood.

For those of you that don’t know anything about Game of Thrones, the general plot is that while nine Nobel families fight for political control of Westeros, White Walkers—icy zombies—encroach on the land, posing a real threat to all of humanity.

Because many of the That Nerd Life bloggers are GoT fans, and because we are brimming with excitement, we wanted to share our own predictions/hopes for the upcoming season! We began with some general predictions of characters, and then moved into questions that address the plot and ending of the show.

Arya Stark Predictions

Jessaca Willis: I can’t remember if this was a theory I read, someone I know read, or if it was something my family and I came up with on our own, but at some point someone realized that Arya has different mannerisms now that she’s left the Faceless Men. If you take a close look at her posture and stances in season 7, she stands exactly like the Waif! So I am convinced now that the Waif actually killed Arya during their fight and stole her face and has been acting as Arya ever since.

TwiggyxDAx: I think Arya will be the one to kill the crazy queen. Not sure if the faceless man will show but he may ether to try and kill her, or to save her.

Sansa Stark Predictions

Jessaca Willis: Sadly, I feel like most of Sansa's journey is over. She’s no longer a slave to Jeoffrey or Ramsey or Littlefinger—she’s had her revenge on them all, so most viewers will be satisfied with her story. However, the one thing that’s been left open is her marriage to Tyrion. I can’t help but wonder if their paths will cross this season and if they’ll fall in love, remain amicably married, or somehow find a way around the engagement.

shawnmentzer: Jon clearly has a bigger role to play, so I see the task of ruling Winterfell falling on Sansa, giving us our first female warden.

TwiggyxDAx: I really hope Sansa lives! She has had so much growth throughout the show and I just want her to end up happy at the end. She is the lady or Winterfell and I hope she stays that way.

Bran Stark Predictions

Jessaca Willis: I honestly have no clue what’s going on with Bran, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I do, however, feel like he will play a major role in the battle with the White Walkers. I’m actuallly afraid he’s going to die at the King’s hands or something... After all, it wouldn’t be a true GOT finale without another Stark dying...

shawnmentzer: I think Bran will die. He will give his life to fulfill being the 3-Eyed Raven which will probably help defeat the Night King in some manner.

TwiggyxDAx: I honestly think he is the key player, as in his action and decisions will control the whole outcome of the ending. Just my two cents.

Jamie Lannister Predictions

shawnmentzer: Jamie is either going to die or be the one to kill his sister and take up the mantle as lord of House Lannister.

TwiggyxDAx: I just want him to be happy to, maybe even meet Bran and reconcile with himself and the better person he can be...

Theon Greyjoy Predictions

Jessaca Willis: Meh. I think his work here is done.

shawnmentzer: I feel Theon will ultimately play a minor role. He may have a scene where he ends up besting his uncle and is installed as the lord of the Iron Islands, or he may end up dying a heroic death against his uncle which will redeem his past sins.

Any Other Character Predictions

Jessaca Willis: Can Tormund and Brienne finally have a moment??? Please? I ship them so hard.

TwiggyxDAx: I just want Bronn of the Blackwater to get his goddamn castle! He has saved both Lannister brothers multiple times and is a straight up BAD ASS. I also feel he was able to keep both Tyrion and Jamie grounded and been an actual friend to both.

Season 8 Deaths

Jessaca Willis: Bran Stark by the White Walker King. Probably both of Daenerys’ dragons in battle. I also think either Dany or Jon is going to die and I kind of hope it’s Daenerys... Cersei (hopefully) at the hands of Arya (unless Arya’s the Waif, in which case I hope Daenerys does it, or Tyrion—heck, just SOMEONE KILL HER PLEASE!)

shawnmentzer: Theon = battle with Euron; Cersei = death by Jamie; the Hound protecting Arya one last time...too many to count.

TwiggyxDAx: Death... It is so hard to predict in this show. I think that maybe half of the main cast will die but the problem is I don't know who and for what reason. Cersei I have already pegged with Arya. The Mountain may be destroyed finally by his little brother the Hound... That's it for my prediction. The rest is to jumbled.

A Third Targaryen

Jessaca Willis: It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Tyrion is a Targaryen. In the books it was common for Targaryen’s born of non-Targaryen’s to be born with dwarfism, so the rumors of him being a Targaryen seem possible to me. I also think he just deserves to be! His family sucks and it would be so much more fulfilling to see him on the winning side in more ways than one.

shawnmentzer: The third Targaryen might be the unborn child between Dany and Jon (because you know that's going to happen).

TwiggyxDAx: I have a feeling that it might be Tyrion, maybe just because that was a possible reason for his father to hate him more... Otherwise I'm stumped...

Winning the Epic Battle

Jessaca Willis: No one will win. I have a feeling the show will end with the immediate threat being dealt with, but the knowledge that White Walkers will always be there.

shawnmentzer: Humanity

TwiggyxDAx: Humanity

Who will wind up on the Iron Throne?

Jessaca Willis: Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen

shawnmentzer: I fully picture an epilogue where it will be the unborn child of Dany and Jon.

TwiggyxDAx: Tyrion Lannister

Final Thoughts About the Upcoming Season

Jessaca Willis: Seeing Jon go from Bastard to King is the only ending that I will find satisfying.


TwiggyxDAx: I have so many hopes for some characters. I know some of my favorites are going to die, but the reality is I just want people to have a meaningful death. I just want to be satisfied no matter the outcome.


What about our readers? What do you all think or hope will happen this season? Mention it in the comments below!

To Game of Thrones fans everywhere: enjoy the season 8 premiere tonight!

From all of us at That Nerd Life blog,

Stay nerdy!

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