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Release Day: Blood & Magic Eternal

Photo credit: athousandbookishlives

You're right. I'm a few days late to posting this 😅 But that's only because the release of Blood & Magic Eternal has been so exciting and unreal!

When I started working on a vampire book, I had no idea what it was going to become.

I especially had no idea that it was going to tie in with my Primordials of Shadowthorn series, nor that people who be so unbelievably stoked to see that series continued!

I should've known though. Because who can say no to devastating vampires, a vengeful huntress, and a dark realm that’s about to face oblivion.


Thank you to EVERYONE who read the blurb about this reclusive, outcast huntress and the vampires who capture her and thought "DAMN! I need to read this book the second it comes out" and preordered it.

Thank you to all the ARC readers who joined my team, signed up for this series through FB or Booksprout, and are part of the release tour/review tour with Book Of Matches Media—and a

special shout-out to all the ARC readers who stuck with me through postponed ARc after postponed ARC until I finally sent them their copies suuuuuuper late, and they somehow magically posted their reviews on release day! 🤯 You guys are superstars!

If you're someone who wasn't in either category but you're still curious/interested in this series, go check it out! The reviews speak for themselves:

"It’s a gripping and exciting read that once I picked up I could not put down!" —Amazon Reviewer
"Lots of vampire action and plot twists...a fun read!" —Amazon Reviewer
"The best part of this book … these characters!! Every single one of them was interesting and made me immediately want to know more about them. I have so many feelings about each of them and not surprised to find myself falling for the supposed villain at all!" —Amazon Reviewer
"This was a different take on a vampire world but one that you will enjoy from the beginning." —Amazon Reviewer
"If you're a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Nevernight, and From Blood and Ash, get excited because you'll be a fan of this too." —Amazon Reviewer

You can start reading Blood & Magic Eternal here!


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