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The Fantasy Romance Podcast: Guest-Stars Author Jessaca Willis

Dragons, D&D, and a death-defying hobby... 😉

Did I tell you that a few months ago I got to guest-star in The Fantasy Romance Podcast hosted by Callie Chase?! Well, I did, and the episode just aired!!

What an absolute honor it was getting to talk with her about my book, A Delicate Betrayal (among other things)!

If you're unfamiliar with her podcast, do yourself a favor and GO CHECK IT OUT! Not only is Callie a seriously talented host, but she is also a fantasy romance author herself, and she may or may not teach writing at a very prestigious college! So, she knows her stuff!

If you enjoy podcasts, and especially if you enjoy bookish ones, go give my episode, Whispers in the Dark: Unveiling Magical Realms with Jessaca Willis a listen. I also highly recommend the episode right before mine with Nisah J. Tuli—she is hilarious and her story is amazing!

I also wanted to quickly thank everyone who left a review of The Devil in the Woods after its release on May 1st.

This was my first release in over a year, and since it was just a novella, I opted out of going all out for the release (booking release tours and review tours, etc.). So I knew it would be a lite launch with little to no reviews lined up, but I was pleasantly surprised to see a handful of folks post reviews immediately following its release!

You have no idea how much that meant to me, and how much it curbed my imposter syndrome. Thank you so much for reading Elowyn and Cecily's eerie, female-rage story, and helping me tell the world about it. 😊

Happy reading!

~Jessaca 🖤⚔️🐉

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