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Upcoming Book Release: The Demon in the Mirror

That's right folks, I'm releasing a new short story!

If you follow me on Instagram, or if you've subscribed to my newsletter, then you've already heard that this past month one of the projects I've been working on is a new paranormal thriller short story called The Demon in the Mirror.

Here's the working synopsis:

The students at the Academy of the Forsaken are being murdered. The thing no one can figure out though is how on earth is a human serial killer disposing of demons and angels so easily?

First-year demon, Eureka Belvedere, finds herself stuck in the middle of the otherworldly murders, and if she's going to survive, she needs to learn how to use her powers.

This Kindle short story is a YA paranormal thriller about demons, angels, and what it's like being the new girl at school where students are dropping like flies!

The Demon in the Mirror is perfect for fans of Harry PotterThe Dark Artifices, and The Black Mage.

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