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A marriage to save the kingdom. A betrayal to leave it in ruins.

When Aenwyn’s magic unleashes a reign of dragons upon the kingdoms, she agrees to marry King Everard to atone for the devastation she's caused.

Queendom proves to be as dissatisfying as their loveless marriage. Until the day that fate answers her pleas for adventure with a vision of flames and a chance at redemption.

When the ruggedly handsome knight, Ser Darius Graeme, sees Queen Aenwyn fleeing the castle, he is bound by his oath to the king to chase after her and bring her back unharmed.

But nothing will stop Aenwyn from slaying the dragon and claiming its heart—and perhaps the knight’s as well.


The Cursed Kingdoms of Grimtol series:

- Arranged Marriage

- Viking Queen

- Dutiful Knight

- Forbidden Love

- Dragons

- Slowburn Romance

- Plus-size Rep

- Touch her and Die

- Cruel & Wicked Fate


*This is an exclusive signed hardcover copy of A Delicate Betrayal that includes artwork on the naked hardcover of Queen Aenwyn and Ser Darius; artwork created by @odilelavdor on Instagram.

A Delicate Betrayal (Special Edition Signed Hardcover)

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