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These exclusive, signed, limited edition copies of Blighted Heart and Immortal Return match the gorgeous copies of Shadow Crusade featured in the March 2021 Nerdy Book Box! They come with three different character art pieces on the inside pages (one in Blighted Heart and two in Immortal Return), stunning recolored covers by Secret D'artiste, a personalized message from the author, author signature, and will only be available for a limited time and in limited quantities only!

SIGNED Special Edition Paperback copies of Blighted Heart & Immortal Return

Out of Stock
  • Please keep in mind, this is the first product we've ever sold and all sales are ordered upon purchase (meaning we do not keep them stocked). This means that all shipping times will likely be upwards of 3+ weeks, as the books will first be sent to the author for signature, and then shipped to the reader. We appreciate your patience!

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