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A Review of The Awakening

I don't always share individual reviews of my books (because I'm not organized enough to keep track of them all), but this one seemed too important not to share!

Some of you might be thinking: aren't all reviews important? And the answer is, yes! However, this review is particularly important because of something Briony points out about the story regarding trigger warnings.

I often will incorporate real-life issues in my fantasy writing, and most of the time I just assume that my readers anticipate that and that it's one of the reasons they enjoy my writing. But Briony brought up a good point with The Awakening.

Without going too much into spoilers of her review or the book, Briony warns readers that this story might be triggering today because of the influx of mass school shootings. Read her review here, and determine for yourself if this is the right book for you.

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