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BookTuber Tabatha Shipley Reviews Fate Of The Vulture

Do you watch BookTubers? If you do, Tabatha Shipley is definitely one to add to your list!

Tabatha's book reviews are some of the most helpful, detailed, and unbiased reviews out there, something that I, as an author, really appreciate. She gives her reviews from the standpoint of genre, as opposed to personal preferences. What I mean by that is, she's able to set aside her own likes/hates and say whether a book has hit the market for its genre. It's truly impressive to watch.

Granted, all of this is a lot easier for me to say because she's been giving my books some glowing reviews! lol

In this video, Tabatha reviews Fate of the Vulture, the last installment of my Reapers of Veltuur YA dark fantasy series. I really love how she wraps up her interviews with a "who should read this book"! It's so useful as a reader, and as an author it helps my book find the right readers.

If you missed the last two for Soul of the Crow and Heart of the Sungem go take a look!

And, if you still haven't read this series, you can find it here!

Take care and happy reading!

- Jessaca

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