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Last Day of Spooky Sale!

You read that right! Today is the last day that you can get the entire Reapers of Veltuur series on sale!

In this world, reapers are hired as assassins to handle all the killings—from actual "hits" to everyday things like slaughtering livestock. Sinisa, a Reaper of the underworld, is hired to slay a princess. But when Prince Acari finds out, he'll do everything he can to protect his sister...maybe even take a life himself.

Typically all three of the Reapers books go for $4.99 each, but right now they're marked down to $0.99 each!

So if you're into creepy underworlds, eerie forests, dark magic, ancient secrets, and, of course, a slowburn enemies-to-lovers romance, grab your discounted copies before the sale ends!

Until next time, happy spooky reading!


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