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Meet Queen Aenwyn's Sisters from the Upcoming Story A Delicate Betrayal

What is covered below:

  • Meet Quen Aenwyn's sisters: Katla + Signe!

  • Book Rec: City of Thorns!

  • Grow that TBR!

  • Limited-time giveaways and Book Fairs!

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Earlier this month, I asked for input on the next reveal! Most who cast their vote requested to learn more about Queen Aenwyn, her family, and how she came to be queen—which was honestly what I was hoping you'd pick! 🥳

There's a lot to share about Aenwyn and her family/backstory, so for now I thought I'd introduce you to her two sisters!

First, let's meet Katla:

Song Bird Katla

Katla received her moniker when she was just 3 years old (two years before A Delicate Betrayal begins). One day, she looked into the sky, saw a great big, fast-moving cloud, and excitedly exclaimed, "Snow bird!"

Her two older sisters teased her about it relentlessly until the name just sort of stuck throughout Skogar and she became know as Snow Bird Katla.

As an adult, Katla comes to relish the name. She can think of no better animal to be named after than the cunning, stealthy, deadly owl.

But that's much farther down the road. For now, she's Aenwyn's snot-nosed, bratty five-year-old sister who follows her older sisters around like a lost puppy dog.

Speaking of, allow me to introduce Signe, the middle sister:

Signe, Quiet One

Signe never felt like she belonged in the Skogar Mountains. It wasn't that she minded the cold—for her, it was easily the people.

Where Signe appreciated cleanliness and reading, her fellow Skogar relished hunting parties and hardly valued things like tidiness or quiet.

As a young child, she often daydreamed about becoming an adult, leaving Skogar behind her, and venturing into Grimtol to meet a prince, fall in love, and have all of his princely children.

But that was many years ago. Before she understood the deep-seated ire the people of Grimtol held for Skogar—a people who were formerly enslaved and the descendants of sympathizers who aided the Sky-Blessed in the Great War (still unnamed 😅 open to suggestions lol).

It was also before this seventeen-year-old became betrothed to an ancient, grotesque, behemoth of a man they called king in Irongate as a political move to ease strife between their two countries.

Fortunately, she had her elder sister Aenwyn to gripe with, seeing as the both of them were facing marriages with men whom they shared no love for. If it wasn't for Aenwyn's strength, she didn't know what she would do.


Next month, I *think* I'll be able to share the opening chapter of A Delicate Betrayal with you, so stay tuned for that!

And remember A Delicate Betrayal is a prequel released to a larger series I'm working on. This short story will first be released in the Wicked Fates anthology in August!

If you haven't preordered your copy yet, preorder Wicked Fates, here!


Giveaways, Freebies, & Growing that TBR!

All done for now!

Until next time, happy reading!


About the Author

Jessaca is a fantasy author with an inclination toward the dark, epic, and adventure sub-genres. She draws inspiration from books like Nevernight and ACOTAR, videogames like Dark Souls III, and tv shows like Game of Thrones and The Witcher. She is also a self-proclaimed nerd who loves cosplay, video games, and comics. Click the image to learn more about her books!


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