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Monthly Nerd Life Update: July

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Hello readers! And welcome to this month's Monthly Nerd Life Update!

For those of you new to the That Nerd Life blog, whereas the rest of the month I post reviews and insights about all things nerd culture, the Monthly Nerd Update is where I share a broader snapshot of the books, movies, games, and more that I'm enjoying that month.

Movies & Television

I mentioned in my last Monthly Nerd Life Update that my two movie goals were to watch Pet Sematary and/or watch Avengers: End Game. I'm happy to report I've completed 50% of that goal! My mom and I set aside a Saturday—baby-free!— to watch Pet Sematary! Sadly, as you can tell from my post about it, I wasn't super impressed.

That same day, we also watched the movie Us! And holy-guacamole, talk about a great thriller! Twisty, disturbing, and terrifying. Check back for a more in-depth review of this one, for sure!

You guys, I am finally on the most recent season of Doctor Who! It's only taken, what, a year? But I'm there! No spoilers please until I can finish!

Sadly, until we finish Doctor Who, my partner won't let us start the third season of Stranger Things. *sobbing* I've heard it's not as great as the first or second season, which is disappointing to hear because if that's true, this show might be on a steady decline to I-no-longer-care-about it...

Books & Comics

Apparently between reading Doctor Sleep and watching Pet Sematary, I'm on a Stephen King kick (when am I not though?)! This month, my mom and I started reading It together. Talk about a behemoth book! I've gotta be honest, I have been avoiding this one. I'd heard that of all of King's books, It is one of the most disturbing. But so far (I'm about 25% of the way through) it hasn't been that bad—by Stephen King's standards of disturbing.

Another author I'm becoming a huge fan of is Seanan McGuire. Have you read anything from her? She's PHENOMENAL!! That's right, she deserves TWO exclamation marks.

A couple months ago I started reading her Wayward Children series and I can't get enough. The main premise is about a home for children who are having trouble acclimating to the "normal" world after returning from what seems like millions of alternate realities. This month, I read book two, Down Among the Sticks and Bones, which carries on the story of the first book by taking the reader to one of the alternate dimensions (the one Jac and Gil are from). It's dark, it's magical, AND it's super short. Definitely worth the read!

In the world of comics, I am still slowly working my way through Sandman, vol 1. I don't know what it is about the comic, but it is a slow read for me. I think I would do well to set aside a two-hour chunk of time to just dive in, but... when do I ever have that kind of time?


The more my brother and I play God of War 4, the more obsessed I become. Sadly, where we stand now, we're still at the start of the game because we haven't been able to play too much. We just activated the Bifrost that sent us to Alfheim, which is supposed to be the realm of the light elves I believe.

I'm pumped! But also, we only get to play like once every two weeks, so I can't allow myself to get too excited... or can I? Maybe I should take some days off work? Maybe I should quit my job? Then we could play wheneva!

Okay, whoa. Sorry about that. I gotta reign myself back in.


Now this is some exciting news: I started my Hawkgirl Halloween costume/comic con cosplay this month! Okay, well, I sort of started it. I started planning it, anyways, but every time I've actually started to work on it or gather materials, I've hit a road bump.

I can't find the feathers I want to use, so I'm thinking I might just dye some fabric and cut/paint them into feathers... but using craft feathers would've looked sooooo much cooler, so I haven't started that yet because I'm still too depressed about it.

I've also gone to the craft store three different times to buy fabric for the outfit, and left the store WITHOUT ANY FABRIC. Oops. There's just something about that store that distracts the crap out of me, and I wind up leaving with an empty bank and dozens of things I don't actually need.

Gear & Collectibles

So, my birthday is coming up (in a few months lol), and ever since my last Zelda bag broke, I've been walking around using a Washington Mutual tote as a "purse"... It's embarrassing...

But that's all in the past now!

My wonderful boyfriend bought me a new (and much better) Zelda laptop bag and it's perfect! I've been toting it around ever since and only one person has complimented me on it! So please be sure to tell me how awesome it is. I could use a good ego-stroke. ^_^


Thanks for joining me for this month's nerdy updates! If anyone has any suggestions on my cosplay conundrums, please make sure to let me know!

Until next time,

Stay nerdy!


author of The Awakened series

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