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Puppets Dream: Pre-order is Live!

Eek! It's been almost a year straight of editing but Puppets Dream is finally on its way to being published!

This will be the second full novel in The Awakened Quartet, and the third in the series to be published (due to a prequel short story). This book will focus largely on Mara's quest to find her family and also on Hope as they deal with the aftermath of battling the Sanguinatores: a threat who, although defeated, has caused lasting conflict.

If you loved Blood Awakens because of the unique powers people had, the dangerous world the they lived in, and just because the characters are awesome, then you'll love Puppets Dream. There's more magic (powers), more danger, and more drama!

For this week only, you can pre-order your e-book copy of Puppets Dream from Amazon for just $0.99!

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