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BookTuber Tabatha Shipley Gives Soul Of The Crow 5 Stars

Tabatha Shipley runs a BookTube channel on Youtube where she reviews her monthly reads and book recommendations.

We were connected by a Blog Tour company during the launch of my debut novel, Blood Awakens. Sadly, the company is no longer in business, otherwise, I'd tag them and show them some love, but I reached out to her personally since she enjoyed reading my last book and had already expressed interest in the sequel.

When I mentioned I was working on a new project, Soul of the Crow, and she seemed interested in the story, we were both excited to work together again!

"High fantasy at it's best!" —Tabatha Shipley

What I really love about Tabatha's reviews, in general, is that she really knows a wide array of readers. She, herself, loves a variety of genres, and so she's able to determine whether or not a book hits its mark. Her entire review rating system is based on which books she believes readers will like, based on the niche genres & tropes present in the story.

As you can imagine, it makes her a very astute reader with high expectations as a reviewer, so believe me when I say that I was completely blown away to receive a five-star review from her! It feels like I'm a Harvard student who just got a 4.0!

Tabatha's full review of Soul of the Crow can be viewed here, and although you are encouraged to watch the full video (she really does a great job of talking about the pros and cons of each book!), Soul of the Crow's review is timestamped at 12:20.

And, oh my, is it GLOWING!

"This book is going to appeal to a wide arrange of readers. The language is great. The writing is great. The book is great." —Tabatha Shipley

If you're a voracious and eclectic reader like Tabatha, consider subscribing to her channel! She is frequently recommended books for a variety of readers and is always willing to share her honest opinion about who will like that type of book and why.

Soul of the Crow releases TOMORROW and I couldn't be happier about the warm response it's been receiving from all of my ARC reviewers! I am so excited for the rest of the world to finally get to meet this book!

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1 Comment

Andrew Lace
Andrew Lace
Oct 07, 2021

Interesting thougghts

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