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Spooky Autumn Inspiration and Other Updates!

It's no secret: autumn is my absolute favorite time of the year. The leaves changing, the crisp morning air, the spooky vibessssss. I live for the September/October season, and I have high hopes for this season especially becaaauuuuuse...

Well, for starters, I'm working on a gothic vampire fantasy novel that's perfect for the autumn season! It's still in the beginner stages, so I'm not saying it'll be released this fall (but dang, do I wish!), but it'll be fun plotting and writing Blood and Magic Eternal while I'm surrounded by Halloween decorations, binging True Blood, and soaking up the witchy moonlight. 😈

Speaking of, this (image above) is the world's first sneak peek at Charlotte Thorne, the vampire huntress starring in Blood and Magic Eternal (art by the talented ColourAnomaly)!

I'm not sure I've mentioned much about this series on my webpage yet (if anything at all), so let me take a moment to share a brief teaser:

When the Shadowthorn dissipated and the last of the Primordials were laid to rest, everyone in Arcathain believed they'd put an end to demonkind...but then the bloodlust came. The druids who had been trapped in the bodies of behemoth monsters had developed an appetite for blood. In a matter of months, they overpowered the humans and a Vampire King, Tor Davonshire, rose to power. Arcathain had never seen such darkness...

Nearly two decades later, Charlotte Thorne is a lone wolf wandering the dangerous streets of the pseudo-apocalyptic land on a vengeful quest to end the Vampire King's reign. But her mission is jeopardized when she's captured by the Malachi Devonshire, the Vampire Prince, and released into the Hunt, a twice-annual sporting event for rich vampires to enjoy their more feral tendencies.

To escape, Charlotte will have no choice but to make Prince Malachi fall in love with her. But the closer the two become, the more difficult it will be to tell which of the games they're playing are real...


I...I haven't been this excited about writing a new series in...I can't even remember how long!!! I really think you are going to be just as obsessed with Charlotte and Malachi as you were for Sinisa and Acari (Soul of the Crow) and Halira and Ryven (Primordials of Shadowthorn—who, just may make an appearance in this sequel series 😉)!

It's been awhile since I've done any review highlights, so I just wanted to very briefly give a shout-out to one of my ARC reviewers, Bekka, for reading and reviewing Fate of the Vulture (Soul of the Crow, #3) on her blog!!

And last but certainly not least, I just wanted to let everyone know that the special edition, signed, exclusive copies of Blighted Heart & Immortal Return are almost finished!!! These will match the March 2021 Nerdy Book Box edition, but will only be purchasable here from my website!

If you want to be notified when these beautiful babies go live, be sure to sign-up for the reminder using this form!

That's all for now! Thank you for reading, both this post and my books 😉

Stay spooky out there! 🖤

~ Jessaca

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